Saturday, 29 September 2012

Monday, 10 September 2012

Tyranid Capillary Tower

Finished! Started yesterday and finished today, but if I were to re-do it, I could finish it in a workday, seeing as I understand
the zBrush and xNormal worflow now.

A couple of WIP props

 My goal is to practice different surfaces and styles, so I have more of a chance of getting hired somewhere and not just filling a niche.

So I'm doing some hard surface practice (Chimera Generator from Resistance 3) and a gooby alien structure (Tyranid capillary tower). Next I'll probably try doing realistic foliage and hand painted foliage for stay tuned (if anyone actually comes here :D )
Completely unrelated, but I drew this guy today and and I'm pretty fond of him. It's some sort of evolved lobster or shrimp,
native to the coastal forests of British Columbia. It is a large lumbering beast, suffering from overhunting by the local
population of future people. It has 3 sets of pincers on it's chest and uses them for scavenging dead animals
as well as plucking ripe fruit from the tree tops. His name is Roger and sounds like a cow.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tank Thumbnail Sketches (1 hour)

Just a sample sheet of some tanks. The guidelines I gave myself were "sleek, futuristic, medium tech level tanks." The blue markings would change based on team colour.